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Burhanudeen Foundation

“the best among you are those that took out their time to learn the Quran and teach others.” ​ – Prophet Muhammad

About us

Burhanudeen Foundation was founded in  2004 based on the love of the almighty Allah and put noble Prophet Muhammad SAW. The noble messenger says; the best among you are those that took out their time to learn the Quran and teach others.

Our Mission


The Noble Prophet says. The best among you are those that never left the world for the hereafter and also never left the hereafter for the world but combine the two foe the sake of Allah. We are committed to rendering selfless humanitarian…

The Founder

Sheikh Abubakar Nurudeen, an erudite Islamic scholar born to the family of Abu Kenti on the 2th day of February, 1980. The young Nurudeen began his academics AY islamiya primary school…

Our Humanitarian Activities

Our Humanitarian activities are guided by the Teachings of Islam and words of the The Noble prophet


Burhanudeen lunched Educational programs few years ago with the aim of promoting western education among



Through our network and partners, we have sponsored over fifty Muslim youth in the rural areas in their pursuit...


We have a team of scholars who are well equipped with the knowledge of The Quran and TABSIR. They go about...

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 Knowledge is a very powerful tool to understand and practice Islam. For this reason, we place strong focus on education. In addition, we offer assistance to Muslims in need.

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